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Separate the tax risks from your business

Insuring tax risks

In a world of growing tax complexity, tax insurance offers protection against unexpected risks that could threaten both your project and your liquidity. Whether in planning, transaction, reorganisation or tax risk management, our tax experts offer you bespoke insurance solutions to minimise known and unknown tax risks at all stages of your business. Giving you the security you need to focus on the most important thing – your success.

All business is risk taking​

Tax risks in conception

Tax risks during the planning phase can have a significant impact on any further procedures, structures or the project or transaction itself. Tax insurance can cover future risks as an alternative to requesting binding rulings from tax authorities.

Tax risks in transactions

In M&A transactions of all types and in all sectors, contracting parties increasingly use insurance solutions to quickly and efficiently eliminate deal breakers of any type. Tax risks can even be outsourced to a tax insurance in advance of transactions in order to prevent price reductions and facilitate swift negotiations.

Tax risks on
disinvestment & liquidation

“Fast exit” or “clean exit” as the objective of divestments or liquidations: in reality, legal deadlines and lengthy tax procedures can stand in the way of this and lead to retentions or even additional funding obligations. So-called “wrap-up” policies, issued by a limited number of specialised insurance companies, can efficiently cover both tax risks and certain legal risks in a bespoke policy.

Tax risks in investments

Investments in new assets or investment structures often involve complex tax issues as they are linked to existing structures. Tax insurance is an efficient tool for the effective outsourcing of these risks.

Tax risks in ongoing business

Even the best tax planning does not prevent new risks from arising in existing structures whether due to changes in legislation or interpretations of the law. Tax audits can also lead to significant, unplanned drains on liquidity. But even at this stage, tax insurance can now be taken out.

Tax Risk Management reloaded

Upgrade your tax risk management toolbox: tax insurance allows you to effectively outsource risks that cannot yet be recorded in the balance sheet to avoid high and, above all, unplanned tax payments. So you don’t have to reserve the funds, and can instead use them more efficiently for your company.


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